Thunderbird Academy (6th - 8th)

Medge Windmiller - ext. 4265
Department Head
Regina Keetso - ext. 4263
Raymond Begey - ext. 4263
Adaline Tsingine - ext. 4267
Michelle Johnson - ext. 2200
Data Technician
Dana Wilson - ext. 4269
Dean of Students

Message from the Department Head

Dear Parents,

Happy Chinese New Year: Year of the Monkey …Valentine’s Day and Arizona Statehood Day.
Today we are sending out literature that pertains to your child. Included is information from the Health Promotion Diabetes Prevention Program, our Counseling Newsletters, your Child’s Report Card (if you did not attend Parent Teacher Conference), your child’s Progress Reports, Spelling Bee Winners, our 7th grade Science Fair winners and our Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance achievers in the 7th & 8th grade.
RE: Progress Reports

This report indicates your child’s progress.  If the children are completing their work and committed to their learning they will do well.  If a child does not complete his/her work, does not study, and does not pass their tests, they will not do well.  It is important that parents study their child’s Agenda and assignments to assist their child with completing their school work each day.  The Agenda is set up as a Parent-Student –Teacher connection, we would like you to review your child’s daily assignments.
We are offering an Alternative Program this year on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30pm to improve the student’s academic achievement and overall test scores. We have two open computer labs.  The enthusiasm and success has been good, thank you parents.  Students not invited have asked to participate and we are saying, YES! When there is a waiting list of 20 students, we will open a third classroom.  Thank you parents for your support since your child’s testing ability will be a key component for future success. Please promote these programs.

Under the direction of Lacy Tsingine and Tayler Riese our Department will be participating in the “Classroom Movement” School Health Champion Program. The overall goal is to promote student physical activity through-out the school day in the form of brain breaks, classroom movement breaks, or recess, or where students are active from 5-10 minutes multiple times during the day. This is our second year of participating.  We do offer a recess every lunch hour to students, who have earned the time and will be developing a more focused, recess time.

It is very important that we follow our office procedures for meeting with the Staff.  We ask that you call the Thunderbird Department‘s Home Liaison and request a meeting for the day and time you are available. Just a reminder, instructional time is sacred and the staff will not be available when the students are in class.

And more one-liners: There will be a half day on February 24th. Spring Photos is MONDAY, February 22nd, and Reading Logs are due on February 29th, LEAP YEAR DAY, and did you know that our Gary Riggs qualified for the Boston Marathon?  We wish him well…
Thank you for your continued support.

Medge Windmiller
Thunderbird Academy
Department Head


Regular day Dismissal Time (M-Th)
6th 3:20p
7th & 8th 3:30p
Gold Day Friday
6th 11:20a
7th - 8th 12:20p
The first bell rings at 7:45am. The last bell rings at 7:50. Instruction Begins.

Lunch Schedule

Grade Regular Schedule Gold Day
6th 12:10 pm 10:40a
7th 11:35 am 10:10a
8th 11:35 pm 10:10a


  • Every Friday is Gold day, early dismissal 04.01.17
  • Check backpacks frequently. Homework folders are sent home daily. Check for homework, school news and teacher notes. 04.01.17