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Tuba City Boarding School staff and parents are committed to the concept of “partnership”. It is the intent of the aforementioned partners to make this institution the best it can be, as reflected by student profiles and the post Junior High School profiles received on individual TCBS graduates. Each of our highly qualified staff is dedicated to their students academic success.

Mission Statement

At Tuba City Boarding School children are first, important, unique, responsible, and nurtured. Opportunities are provided for positive, life-long learning, healthy growth, success, and self-worth. A quality education is supported in a safe and culturally competent environment. Parents, community and school, together, educating the whole child for life.

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    Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
    A Parent Resource
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    Dear Parents/Guardians,
    Please click link to view the letter from the BIE Director concerning COVID-19, or Novel Coronavirus.

    View Letter
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    Dear Parents/Guardians,
    In accordance with BIE and CDC Guidelines, regarding COVID-19, students will not attend school from March 16-April 3, 2020.
    Tuba City Boarding School will post updates as we receive them from the BIE.
    Thank you for your continued support.
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    Most important principles that the schools, and workplaces need to support from TCRHCC
    1) No DOCTOR notes needed for staff OR students with infectious illness- we want to keep mild illness out of the facility so we can treat severe illness but also limit exposure.
    2) Leave policy for your employees, esp if they are ill or need quarantine for exposure
    3) DO NOT COME TO WORK OR SCHOOL IF YOU ARE ILL. Stay home. Call us at the hospital if you want to know if you should be seen.
    4) SOCIAL DISTANCING- 6 feet or a minimum of 1 meter limit group activities
    5) GOOD HAND HYGIENE principles don’t need sanitizer soap and water for 20 sec is ok
    6) GET EDUCATED from reliable sources- it’s a constantly moving target…
    Please click link to view document from TCRHCC.

    View Powerpoint Presentation
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    -If you are sick do not go work, or school.
    -DO NOT go to clinic unless you are severely ill
    -DO NOT go to clinic to get school absence. Increase's exposure to possible illness
    -If you are sick stay home until you are better, at least 3 days after you are well
    Please click link to view document from TCRHCC.

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    Please click link to view the letter from the BIE Acting Director concerning COVID-19, or Novel Coronavirus.

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    Gold Day (Early Release) every Friday Please see school calendar for details
See School Calendar
  • January 15
    MLK day - No school

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