Welcome to Tuba City Boarding School!

Tuba City Boarding School staff and parents are committed to the concept of “partnership”. It is the intent of the aforementioned partners to make this institution the best it can be, as reflected by student profiles and the post Junior High School profiles received on individual TCBS graduates. Each of our highly qualified staff is dedicated to their students academic success.
TCBS Upcoming Events
  • Attention: Parents and Students

    Starting Aug. 10th
    Identification is required
    To enter Campus.

    This change is for the safety of students and staff.
    ***Anyone visting a student, MUST be on the Check-Out list.

    Thank you,
    TCBS Administration
  • Parents Do You Want to Be Part of the Yearbook Committee? You can participate by sharing your photographs with the Yearbook Committee.
    The Yearbook Committee will consider and use the photographs for this years 2015-2016 Thunderbird Yearbook.

    If your interested please feel free to send your photographs to the following email address:


    Before pictures are sent or uploaded:
    I understand I will be giving Permission to Tuba City Boarding School to use Photographs uploaded/sent for any and all publications of the TCBS Yearbook and Website. I waive any right to inspect or approve the
    finished Photographs, and I waive any right to Monetary Payment, now and forever, for the Use of the Photographs.